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Skyman is an ultra-light aerial system that carries a Steadicam and operator along a stainless steel cable at speeds up to 40 miles an hour. The patented Skyman system places the Steadicam operator in an ideal position for shooting motion pictures.

Throughout a shot, the operator can easily frame the subject, even using telephoto lenses. The operator has complete control of the image, including unrestricted panning, self-contained braking, and the ability to travel by gravity or be pulled along or up the cable. Because the flight path is fixed, the camera can hug the ground or fly close to subjects. Skyman also enables the operator to see beyond the frame and easily respond to changes in the action.

Jerry Holway Skyman Demo

Skyman Features:

  • Uses any film or video camera up to 35 pounds
  • Wireless focus, iris, and film camera on/off
  • Video assist, mini-DV record/playback, and UHF video transmission
  • Communications via five-watt walkie talkies
  • Dynamometer constantly measures cable tension for safety
First test run for Skyman

First test run for Skyman

Skyman Benefits:

  • Experienced Steadicam operator and Skyman crew
  • Simple and versatile rigging; easy to adapt to shot requirements
  • Can be rigged from trees, industrial cranes, arenas, high lifts, etc.
  • Can be pulled or positioned by grips, cars, gravity, electric motors
  • Set up for most shots takes less than four hours
  • Safety
  • Fixed flight path
  • Low cable tension
  • No helicopter blades
  • Small profile and cable diameter makes lighting easier
  • Extremely long cable runs possible (1,100 ft to date)
  • Can also be used for vertical travel (220 ft to date)

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