Jerry Holway

Holway Films Inc.
Skyman Steadicam Operator
Director of Photography Inventor


Equipment rental rates available upon request.

Steadicam Equipment

Steadicam Ultra Cine System, (28 volts)

w/ 8.4 inch color LCD monitor and 5 inch green screen

2 PAG fast chargers

3 Bartech Focus Devices
1 M-One motor
2 SLD motors
3 Heden motors

Custom stand
Sony DCR-PC3 digital camera/VCR
Transvideo Format converter

JAR Eye-piece optics adapter for Arriflex cameras
Sony XC-77 CCD video assist camera
2 Modulus transmitters
Custom Interface diversity tuner

Antlers™ set (inertial augmentation)
SuperAntlers™ (huge inertial augmentation)
Frezzi Mini-Fill 12 VDC lamp & dichroic filter
DeRose Hardmount adapter
Hill Arri III low mode adapter
2 director's finders

Other Equipment:

Skyman™ system
SuperSkyman™ system
Flyman™ system


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